5 Guys Transportation



11/7/2023 to 11/12/2023

Why Trust 5 Guys Transportation with your airport transfer?

  • In business since 2009
  • All vehicles insured with at least $1.5M
  • All drivers uniformed and professional
  • All vehicles 2017 or newer
  • 30+ vehicles in fleet
  • All vehicles GPS tracked for efficiency and safety
  • 24/7 reservations team
  • Emailed confirmations and receipts
  • Personalized confirmation call the day before
  • Flight tracking whether you are early or late
  • Driver Meet and greet inside the terminal
  • No other stops - No other passengers
  • Skip the worrying if other transportation services will have cars available.
  • No worry about surge pricing. Our price is fixed.
  • We'll be there waiting with your name on a sign

Why not rideshare or rental car

Rideshare pricing can vary tremendously based on the time of day and the drive you get. Surge pricing could cost well over $100 from the airport if there are many people needing rides and you'll have to meet them on the curb. 5 Guys will track your flight and your driver will meet you inside, and load and unload your luggage for you. We don't have surge rates so the price you book is for full service from the baggage claim to hotel.

As is customary with rental cars; you'll pay for the 3 or 4  days and still have to pay for parking downtown. On top of the cost, you'll have to wait for and board a shuttle bus with your luggage to be driven to the rental car building about 1 mile from the terminal. Once there you'll go up the escalator and to your rental car company. Odds are good that after you wait in line for the next customer service person you'll still have to walk a football field distance to find and load the car.

We recognize that you might need a car if you plan to leave the downtown area, but chances are good that most everything will be within a short walk and a 1 time taxi to the nearby County Club Plaza for 4 people will only cost about $20.

Let us be your chauffeur. You'll be met in the baggage claim by a friendly driver with your name on a signboard. Let us load your bags and leave immediately to go to your hotel.


Private non-shared service for up to 5 passengers. Prices include all fees and driver gratuity.

    • $81.27 per van - From Airport to Hotel.
    • No wait time. Leave immediately after collecting bags
    • We will track your flight and your driver will meet you in the baggage claim area when you land.
    • Your driver will have your name on a signboard
    • $68 per van - From Hotel to Airport. 
    • You can choose your pickup time on your departure day or we can recommend a time based on your flight departure. We generally recommend  a pickup 2 hours before your flight so that you will have 1.5 hours at the airport.

Private non-shared service for up to 10 passengers. Prices include all fees and driver gratuity.

    • ~$153 per van includes all fees and gratuity.
    • We will track your flight and your driver will meet you in the baggage claim area when you land.
    • Your driver will have your name on a signboard
    • Upon collecting your luggage you will depart immediately and go directly to your hotel.
  • $30 per person - Each way(includes driver gratuity)

Shared ride service for 2 or more people. Prices include all fees and driver gratuity.

Shared ride pricing only available when there are at least 2 passengers.

$30.00 per passenger  each way when at least 3 people are sharing,
$40.79 or less when 2 passengers are sharing.
$81.58 or less when only 1 passenger scheduled
    • We will charge your card the day of your trip based on the number of passengers in your van
    • We will pair you up with other CMSA travelers who land or depart within 1 hour of you. Your maximum wait time after landing will be 1 hour.
    • For your departure we will always give you at least 1.5 hours at the airport before your flight, but we may give you up to 2 hours depending on the number of travelers departing.
    • We will confirm your reservation(s) when you book and text you a confirmation the day before to confirm.
    • Meet your driver in the baggage claim area between the security exit and baggage claim #6

Helpful booking hints:

When booking to or from the airport, Type "MCI" as the airport location and you'll get a drop down that says "MCI - Kansas City International Airport"

The address of the Marriott is 4445 Main St. Type in the address and wait for the drop down and select to hotel.

On the 2nd page be sure to enter "CMSA" in the additional comments section.